Réjeanne Brand
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Beautiful, comfortable and efficient period panties for wellbeing, freedom and peace of mind during your periods.

12 times a year. 3 500 days in a lifetime. Periods are an important part of women’s lives. Every single day, we should all feel great about our body so here comes Réjeanne !

Réjeanne is the new generation of period panties that feature a super thin and invisible absorbant and leak free lining giving you up to 12 hours protection!

Réjeanne’s magic lies in its soft fabrics but also its beautiful style, designs and colours… and it’s effective! We worked, designed and created many prototypes with French fabric experts and ateliers to offer you period panties with ambition: chic, eco-friendly, machine washable, efficient and just perfect.

Réjeanne is odor-free, leak-free and anxiety-free.

Réjeanne Brand
Obviously, behind Réjeanne, there is an ecological thought. Because we don't want to throw away sanitary products in the trash for 3 500 days.

Without silver nanoparticles, certified OEKOTEX 100 fabrics, Réjeanne intends to take care of you. And did we mention that our period panties are designed and made in France?

Réjeanne Brand

The magic of Réjeanne : peace of mind all day.

Whether you are done with ruining your pants, worried about leaks, that your cup gives you anxiety, or that you simply dream of comfort and lightness, you have come to the right place.
Ultra-fine, ultra-absorbent and resistant, Réjeanne is invisible, reliable and irresistible.

By the way, for every panty sold, we donate a portion of our profits to a women's support organisation. #GRLPWR
Réjeanne Brand
Réjeanne Brand
Réjeanne Brand

Our story

We were not fully satisfied with the sanitary products we were using. So we created these period panties for ourselves and for everybody with periods or leaks: for real people with all the diversity of bodies, activities and flows. We wanted something that looked great and kept its promises. And because there is nothing to hide or to change in anyone, we decided not to photoshop any of our photos.

Because all bodies are great bodies!

Alexandra & the Réjeanne Team