About Réjeanne

  • What is a period panty and how does it work?

    Our period panties look just like your regular underwear, except that they have a discreetly incorporated hygienic protection that absorbs your period. We worked with experts in textile innovation to make this protection consisting of three thin layers, a moisture wicking layer, an absorbent layer, a waterproof layer, which allows you to spend up to 12 hours without fear of leakage or smell.

    To learn more about these revolutionary panties, visit our How It Works page.

  • Can I wear my panties all day?

    Absolutely. You can test it at home at first to realize what the result is depending on your flow, and then feel free to go places!

  • Can I wear it with another hygienic protection?

    Réjeanne works well on its own but you can also wear it as a complement to a tampon or the cup.

  • Is my underwear completely hygienic?

    Yes, it is completely healthy, without silver nanoparticles and labeled Oekotex 100, a certification that guarantees the absence of toxic product for the body and the environment in your pants.

  • Have the pants been treated with silver or zeolite?

    No. At Réjeanne, our panties are without silver nanoparticles and have not been treated with silver or zeolite!

    Good news! Our panties are now made of GOTS organic cotton!

  • How do I wash my panties?

    After use, rinse them in cold water until the water is clear. Then wash it, by hand or on a delicate program (in a laundry net it’s always better, it protects the lace :)), without adding softener. Then let it hang dry. And there you go, ready for new adventures!

  • Can I use it for incontinence or other kinds of losses?

    Yes, our panties can also be used for light incontinence.

  • Where are they made?

    In France ! We collaborate with seamstresses who are used to working with the biggest lingerie houses.

  • Where can I buy my Réjeanne underwear?

    The Réjeanne panties are available on our e-shop. Discover our collection here!

    Our collection is also available at Le Bon Marché (24 Rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris) and in about a hundred Darjeeling boutiques.

  • And the money in all this?

    We spend on average between 4€ and 5€ per month on sanitary products. That’s about 260€ to 325€ over 5 years (without counting all the underwear that were stained and thrown away!). With our panties, the spending is 65 to 70€ for a pair of underwear on the same time frame. Over 200€ of savings in 5 years! And so much less waste thrown away in nature…

  • How much waste could be avoided thanks to Réjeanne panties?

    Between 130 and 150kg of sanitary protections (tampons, towels, applicators) are thrown away in the lifetime of one woman only. Since a Réjeanne panties can be kept for years, it avoids mountains of waste.

About periods

  • How many days do periods take in a woman's life?

    During her lifetime, a woman will have her period for 38 years on average. With about 450 menses, it adds up to a total of 3500 days of periods (so almost 10 cumulative years).

    Check out our blog for more information and tips on periods and so much more…

Delivery and Returns

  • When will I receive my order ?

    Shipping delays are specified on each product page.

  • Can I return the products?

    Too big? Too small? Not your fit?

    You can return your items up to 30 days after the order. Just send it back by post and we’ll reimburse you upon reception of the products. Please be aware that any panty without the label cannot be returned.

    Please note that we do not do exchanges through our website www.rejeanne-underwear.com. For a new size, another model or another colour, you can reorder on our e-shop!

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