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A period panty that gives you peace of mind Washable and reusable so you can stop (at last!) throwing your sanitary protections in the trash!

And you can also save money too:

Disposable sanitary protections are a budget. In France, we calculate that we spend 4€ to 5€ every month, about 260 € to 325 € over 5 ans (and that is without counting the panties which are stains and that are thrown away).

With our panties, the expense is 65/70€ for 2 period panties. You save 200€ in 5 ans ! And you throw out less trash…

Cherry on top: our period panties are made in France with care with fabrics that are Oekotex 100 standard certified.

A technology* that is invisible and leak free

*Patent pending
A technology* that is invisible and leak free
  • 1

    Mositure wicking

    Just a few millimeters of soft, comfortable and anti-microbial fabric
  • 2


    An ultra-fine fabric that absorbes your flow throughout the day (or night). 2 possible options: light flow or medium/heavy flow.
  • 3

    Leak free

    Leak-free layer for up to 12 hours protection.

Choose your panties

Our “light flow” panties can absorb 1 to 2 tampons worth. They are perfect for when your flow is light, for example on the last days of your period.

Our “medium/heavy flow” panties can absorb 3 to 4 tampons worth. They are perfect for heavier flows.

Our panties can be used alone or as a back-up. If you have never tried period panties before (welcome to the team!) do not hesitate to try them at home at first to see how your flow is absorbed (especially on days where your flow is heavy).

  • Cold water rinse after use Until the water is clear
  • Machine wash max 30° In a net... even better!
  • No softener Our fabrics don't like softeners they are soft already
  • No tumble dry It's too hot in there and not that eco-friendly

Care instructions