Réjeanne Lookbook


L-O-V-E-L-Y. Our period panties are not only comfy and efficient, they are also as stylish and beautiful as your regular chic underwear!

Our panties are designed and made with care in France, in chic workshops that work with the crème de la crème of luxury lingery brands. They are embroidered with fine lace, French too, and just as fine 🙂 as your regular panties.
Black, red, yellow, pick and choose! It’s not because your period panties are leak-free and efficient that they can’t also be chic and beautiful!

Réjeanne Lookbook
Réjeanne Lookbook

Culotte Gaïa — 34 €

You glow girl!

You are beautiful.

We made the choice not to photoshop any photo. Try to accept yourself as you are: perfect!

Réjeanne Lookbook

Red Callie Shortie Panty — 39 €

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