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Lingerie — 23 October 2019

Organise a zero waste party

Celebrating the end of your studies, a friend’s bachelorette party or your birthday? Not always easy to combine responsible consumption with a big party at home. Even with a responsible lifestyle, simplicity often comes before when managing a group.

Does it hurt your soul to throw away all these plastic cups and cardboard plates after a great party? Here are a few tips for being a little more environment-responsible while celebrating!

Aren’t we better than disposable plates?

Easy to give disposable glasses, plates and cutlery, right? Especially late at night or the morning after when you have to tidy up and clean everything!

However, a simple plastic spoon has a huge ecological impact for just 28 little seconds in a delicious chocolate mousse. Do you know the story of a plastic spoon?

Then between us, a good homemade dish on a cardboard plate, is a bit of a shame isn’t it..? It’s time to go back to classic cutlery and plates. Overall, you can replace everything that is disposable for its reusable version: dishes, small metal picks, cloth napkins, washable paper towels.

A word of advice: if you don’t have enough dishes, you can buy them easily for a few bucks in second-hand shops or in recycling centres.

Food, that’s why we’re here!

Again, who hasn’t ordered pizzas at night? Nothing to do or to prepare, it’s ready to eat! Besides, we live in a world where the pizza guy arrives faster than the cops, so why go without?

But have you ever tried to cook for your guests? Veggie lasagna, a good risotto, a delicious vegetable curry, dips and homemade desserts. It’s a guarantee for compliments at the end of the night, and it’s so much better. And for that, don’t forget to also do zero waste for your shopping too. Otherwise, well, it doesn’t make sense anymore.

Little tips for your shopping list:

– buy dry foods in bulk (in washable fabric bags): pasta, flour, cereals, chickpeas…

– fruit and vegetables that are not packed in thousands of layers of plastic

– go to small shops or at the farmers’ market for cheese, bread, and other fresh products

To read : switching to bulk-buying.

What about drinks?

“It’s nice to eat, but we’ll all be thirsty during your party!”

Deposit glass bottles are ideal for waste reduction, but this considerably reduces the choice of drinks. In any case, prefer glass: no more plastic and cardboard that are very poorly recycled.

The must? Prepare your own mixtures: no more juice in a carton, just use a blender! Sodas? Do we really need to explain again why they are not good for you?

On that note, we leave you with a few videos and articles for even more inspiration!

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