Réjeanne The best committed documentaries on Netflix
Lingerie — 19 September 2019

The best committed documentaries on Netflix

We all know this Netflix & Chill session on the couch. All the series from the most beautiful to the most stupid go through it. But have you ever looked into all the documentaries that are also on Netflix? We made a top 5 committed documentaries list on different themes that resonate in us right now. Press play!

#1 The true cost

A rather shocking documentary on “fast fashion”.

It’s a good introduction to the clothing industry, which includes an environmental, social and psychological approach. Produced by Andrew Morgan in 2015, it mainly reveals the living conditions of low-wage workers in developing countries, but also the collateral effects such as soil and river pollution, pesticide contamination and related diseases.

We warn you, you’ll no longer want to set foot at H&M or at any “basic and conventional” brand. On the other hand, you will want to read our article on ethical fashion and the possibilities of responsible consumption!

Are you repelled by fast fashion after watching The True Cost? Continue your way through here…

#2 “Minimalism: a documentary about the important things”

This documentary is part of a movement to renounce mass consumption and the frenetic race for “always more”. This philosophy is based on the fact that consumption only increases alienation (while degrading the environment…), and does not bring happiness. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, two repentant capitalists and founders of the minimalist movement, then proposed a return to basics. Through this journey of “Less is more”, we return to simplicity and detachment.

“Our memories do not lie in what we possess but are within us.”

Here’s also a link to their Ted Talk on The Art of Letting Go !

#3 Fishpeople

“For some, the sea is frightening and dangerous. For others, it is a world without limits of pleasure, freedom and opportunities where life can be lived to its fullest. »

As the leading lobbying brand to defend the planet, Patagonia offers us an ode to the ocean that reminds us of the beauty of nature and the need to preserve it. Keith Malloy transports us to the beauty of the seabed, articulated around the people who live off it: animals, surfers, fishermen… We would be even more sensitive to wanting to protect the oceans by admiring the way in which these individuals sublimate their relationship with the ocean and all the ecosystems that inhabit it.

#4 Cowspiracy: The secret of sustainability

Potentially the most important documentary of its kind, it explores the impact of animal agriculture on the environment and questions the positions of environmental associations. Its point of view is very clear: to remind us that livestock farming is in fact the main cause of environmental destruction, ahead of the oil industry or various transportation methods. The documentary fights against the intensive livestock industry and advocates a consumption method that would exclude all meat of industrial origin.

After having been funded at 217% of its objective on IndieGoGoGo, Leonardo DiCaprio released an updated version of it, in line with his strongly committed actions to ecology and sustainable development.

A “must” to understand and embark on an ecological and sustainable commitment.

#5 Gloria Allred: Women’s Advocate

Gloria Allred is probably the most famous feminist lawyer of our time. She has been fighting for years for the rights of women and minorities. A rape victim in her twenties, this experience has shaped her commitment and allows her to understand the women victims of sexual violence she defends.

Women who claim unpaid alimony, women prisoners forced to give birth in handcuffs, women fired after becoming pregnant and many women who are victims of sexual violence. Her name may not have reached you, but she was the one who defended the victims of the O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby stories…

At 76, Gloria Allred is ahead of her time: she talks about rape, harassment and civil rights. She is the most famous and feared American lawyer among powerful men, known for her media stunts.

“I defend the average individual who has been the victim of injustice due to the abusive acts of a large corporation, a rich and famous person, a killer, a rapist, a sexual harasser. »

You had already seen them all or you just finished? We recommend one last one: “Period. End of Sentence.” Best short documentary film at the 91st Oscar ceremony, director Rayka Zehtabchi recounts the lives of women in an Indian village who make their own sanitary protections. Hope for women around the world who suffer from the stigmatization of periods, wherever they are.