Réjeanne The best eco-responsible fashion brands
Lingerie — 23 October 2019

The best eco-responsible fashion brands

Today, we want to share with you the best eco-responsible fashion brands according to the Réjeanne team. As explained in our previous article about ethical fashion, approximately 70% of the clothing sold in France is manufactured in Southeast Asia.

And despite a return of short circuits and Made in France products, this figure shows that consumers today are mainly driven by prices and access to an exorbitant range of different styles of clothing.

These motivations make buyers support a system that gradually demolishes the environment, without going so far as to exploit underpaid workers. After presenting you our selection of eco-friendly e-shops and second-hand clothing stores, today we decided to go a little further and look into brands that have committed to responsible fashion.

Gaëlle Constantini

In our eyes, Gaëlle Constantini remains the most beautiful French brand at all levels. It’s beautiful, it’s recycled, their commitments are touching and their collection is totally in the era of time.

It has three fundamental pillars: upcycling, production by integration and eco-design. Their clothes are of unheard-of quality. The kind of jewels you’ll pass on to your grandchildren!

What we liked the most: all textiles are second-hand recycled. They are then transformed to create new clothes. No use of new materials, only the recovery of “waste”. We like that a lot.

Ateliers Unes

A young French brand, each of their collections is worked and thought out with the community to build elegant clothes that correspond to their desires. After this first phase of collaboration with the future clients, Ateliers Unes works for each collection with a person who has a particular know-how and history. This gives a unique touch to the clothes.

Their materials are as eco-responsible as possible and are certified Oekotex and GOTS. We were particularly won over by the discovery of Khadi, an Indian handcrafted fabric entirely woven and spun by hand.

Why? Simply because the production of this raw material would apparently use much less water than for a conventional textile.

Les Récupérables

In the same style as Gaëlle Constantini, Les Récupérables, 100% Made in France brand, offers an alternative to today’s fashion.

They embody the new idea of circular fashion since they revalue textiles such as curtains, household linen and fine rolls to produce collections with a low ecological impact.

Les Chaussettes Orphelines

It was by their name that this brand first caught our attention. Les Chaussettes Orphelines (i.e. “Orphan Socks”) are also positioning themselves as players in the circular economy. Their concept is to recover and recycle worn and/or lost socks to make new ones. Did you know that only 10% of the socks purchased end up in sorting centres? All the others end up misplaced or in the garbage.

Since 2008, Les Chaussettes Orphelines has been raising awareness of textile recycling and producing clothing and accessories from recycled sock yarn. Their creations are made in France and the brand participates in and supports social integration actions.

At Réjeanne, we created our menstrual panties precisely for ethical reasons. Polluting, toxic and uncomfortable sanitary protections were no longer enough. That’s why we chose to make a product Made in France, in fabrics certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX and without silver nanoparticles.